A terrorist leader and about 80 armed foreign mercenaries have been killed in Edlib (+foreign terrorists video)


Syrian Arab Army carries out a series of the operations against the terrorists mercenaries in several town of Edlib countryside claiming dozens of the deaths in their ranks.

Task forces have carried out a wide unique military operations in the Western groves of the city, as they raids on many dens of the armed men, what resulted in the death of about 40 terrorists and 25 arrested.

The leader of the terrorist gang “Jafar al-Tayar”, Maan Daiman, has been killed with number of armed men during the clashes.

Syrian Arab Army was fighting against the armed men in Qsas farms on Edlib-Banish road, resulting in the death of 23 armed men.

Syrian Arab Army units clash also against armed terrorists around the position of Wadi al-Def of Ma’art al-Numan, destroy the base of the missiles and kill more than 12 armed men, including Ahmad Taher al-Saed, called by “Saso” and Adnan al-Makhzom, called by “al-Desh”.


Foreign terrorists in Syria – Arabic Subtitled in English


Arabic Newspapers

Video by VeriteSurLaSyrie



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