Syrian Army hits the dens of the gunmen in Raqqa and Barzeh is Targeted by mortars



Barzeh area has topped last night the armed conflicts of Damascus city, after an attack made by an armed group on army checkpoints in each Barzeh al-Balad and al-Hafez street.

The clashes have continued in the area for nearly two hours, and the result was more than 20 deaths in the terrorists’ ranks. At the same time that an armed group targeted Ish al-Warwar area adjacent to Barzeh with mortar shells, resulted in material damages.

While an explosive device; placed in a private car, has been exploded last night in al-Ameen Street, claiming the life of its owner, in addition to material damage to a nearby car and a nearby house.

Hitting the strikers of “17” brigade of Raqqa.

The guard members of “17” brigade of Raqqa have abled to set up ambushes for huge number of the armed men of those, who are called by “the Islamic Front to Liberate Raqqa” and who have announced the initiating of the battle of Liberating 17 brigade since 5 days”.

A source within the brigade says that “members of the guard with the aid of the of the Air weapon have abled to confront the attempt of attack on the brigade claiming dozens of the deaths and the injuries in the ranks of the mercenaries terrorists”.

Moreover, civilian sources have spoken about a large number of bodies have arrived to Raqqa National Hospital and a large part of it believed to be from foreign nationalities.

As Syrian Army Ari forces and the artillery have targeted the gathers of the armed men in the ex of al-Hzemah and the farms of al-Qahtanie and Rabia claiming direct hitting in their ranks.

The guard members of one of the military units have confronted to an armed attack on Ain Essa city of Raqqa countryside claiming human causalities.

In Tabaqa, Syrian Army hits the dens of the armed men to target their gathers arounf the city and al-Hora village of Tabaqa countryside, what resulted in the death of a number of the armed men and the injury of others.

In Deir Ezzor, Units of Syrian Arab Army continue their clashes and military operations to secure the neighborhoods of the city, while units of Syrian Army fight against a number of the armed men in al-Reshdie neighborhood killing and injuries a number of them, including Muhammad al-Nahar of the so-called Hamza Brigade.

Where Syrian Army units have confronted an armed launch on Kbajeb area causing deaths, including Sulaiman al-Hamadi and Ragheb al-Matar of “Ja’far al-Tayar” brigade of the city and injuries and the destruction of a number of their machines



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