Syrian Arab Army: Decisive Battle in Aleppo




Syrian Arab Army: Decisive Battle in Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Army working all day and night to restore peace and security in the country after over 125 countries combined their efforts to destroy it and found the easiest way is to export Al-Qaeda terrorists to wreck havoc and slaughter the people to pave the way to divide the country and receive western corporations and banks. They failed, because the men of the Syrian Arab Army vowed to save their country and to fight the battle and to win it.

Away from the media attention which was busy in inciting sectarian strife and hatred in Qussayr focusing its attention on the contribution of Hizbullah in the battle and turning a blind eye to the over 2 years flooding the country with tens of thousands of terrorists, the SAA forces were cleaning towns and villages everywhere else in the country, we tried our best to cover most of it, especially the achievements with strategical importance. The following report from Hussein Murtada covers the achievements of the SAA in Aleppo’s countryside and the road to the Aleppo International Airport and the villages and towns on both sides of the road.


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