Syrian Foreign Ministry: “Syria confronts barbaric war by Takfiri terrorist groups”

the real Syrian Free Press


“Syria, the land of heavenly messages, home of prophets and saints is confronting a barbaric war, launched by extremist takfiri gangs which target its present, future, historic and civilized heritage and its position as a symbol of peace, amity and coexistence”,

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in two identical messages sent to President of the UN Security council and the UN Secretary General.

“As a result of the extremist fatwas which have no relation to the tolerant Islamic principles, issued by sheikhs of sedition, sponsored by known countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, several terrorist al-Qaeda-linked organizations target Syria as a state and people through suicide terrorist explosions as well as random shelling against the safe neighborhoods with mortar which claim the lives of many civilians everyday with no distinguishing among man, woman, child or elder,” the Ministry said.

The message added that it has been a motive of concern…

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