Syrian Army kills terrorists including Arabs and foreigners in Lattakia and Damascus Countryside, Saudi colonel among the killed ~ Terrorists’ attack foiled at al- Kindi hospital in Aleppo (+2Video/News Eng/Fra)

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Kindi hospital






Syrian Arab Army foils terrorists’ attack on al- Kindi hospital in Aleppo

A military source said that all members of armed terrorist groups who were looting and attacking the citizens in al-Dbait street, the vegetables souk in al-Ashrafiyeh neighborhood, Salah-Eddin and Bustan al-Kasser neighborhoods and the old city of Aleppo, were eliminated and injured.

The source told SANA that an army unit confronted an armed terrorist groups’ attempt to attack al-Kindi Hospital and foiled terrorists’ attempts to detonate two cars bomb in the area surrounding the hospital, killing and injuring scores of them.

The source added that a big number of terrorists were killed and injured in an operations by the army against the terrorists’ hideouts in Talet al-Ghali, al-Nakarin, Biyanon, al-Sheikh Said, Maqtaa al-Bakkarah, the area surrounding Aleppo central prison and al-Kastillo.


Syrian Arab Army kills terrorists including foreigners in #Lattakia, #Saudi colonel among…

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