Syrian Army units on Friday ambushed terrorists, killing dozens of them, seizing their criminal tools, foiled terrorists’ infiltration attempt

the real Syrian Free Press


Terrorists killed in Damascus Countryside

The army units eliminated non-Syrian terrorists in several areas in Damascus Countryside and destroyed their weaponry and munitions.

A military source told SANA that the army ambushed and killed dozens of terrorists affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra between the areas of Maaloula and al-Qastal.

SANA reporter said that 80 terrorists were killed and dozens others were injured, adding that many of the killed terrorists were of Egyptian, Saudi, Libyan and Pakistani nationalities.

Terrorists al-Hussayni Mohammad Fathallah Ibrahim Hamad, Ibrahim Hamdi Abu Naja Hajras, Ibrahim Ali Madkour and Ibrahim Arafah Mohammad al-Naqeeb, all of them of the Egyptian nationality, were identified among the dead along with terrorists Waseem Bakeer and Maysan Asaad Rashed.

A field commander said that terrorists’ weapons including RPG launchers, FAL sniper rifles, explosive belts, rocket launchers and machineguns were confiscated.

Meanwhile, A military source said that the army units eliminated dozens of terrorists…

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