What is the story behind the so-called “Army of the Mujahideen” and the new foreign backed terrorists & fake-jihadists mercenaries alliances in Syria?

the real Syrian Free Press

What is the story of new terrorist alliances in Syria

 It seemed that many actors wanted to take advantage of ISIL’ retreat to bolster the Free Syrian Army (FSA), with renewed attempts in recent days to resurrect the latter.

But what is the story behind the “Army of the Mujahideen”?

How did it advance rapidly at the expense of ISIL, which until recently was the “bogeyman” threatening to devour everyone?

For the first time, ISIL forces faced fierce resistance from the people of the region, who rushed to expel it after they suffered from its excesses.

Speaking to Al-Akhbar, a field source from the Syrian opposition explained that the nascent Army of the Mujahideen did not emerge overnight. He said, “Efforts to create the army began in conjunction with the formation of the Islamic Front. There seemed to be an urgent need to merge the armed groups that do not want to take the form of an Islamist army, and…

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