Syrian Army repels terrorists’ attacks

the real Syrian Free Press


Syrian Army repels terrorists’ attacks, kills many of them in continued operations

Provinces, (SANA) – Army units on Wednesday carried out accurate operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings, where many armed terrorist groups were eliminated and their weapons were destroyed in several areas nationwide.

Terrorist attack claims the life of one citizen, injures 8 others in Idleb

A military source told SANA that terrorist attack claimed the life of a woman and injured 8 others in Idleb province.

The source said that terrorists fired 3 mortar shells landed in a public park near al-Rawda Mosque, near  the Second Faculty of Law and Hanano Square in Idleb city, causing material adamage in the site.

Army units kill terrorists, destroy their weapons in Damascus Countryside

Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring scores of them, in addition to destroying their…

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