Intense Fighting in Al-Zaara, Dozens Mercenary-Terrorists Killed by Syrian Army ~ (Ziad Fadel report)

the real Syrian Free Press

Al-Zaara Fighting Intense as SAA Attacks with Tanks


Ziad Fadel report ~ SyrianPerspective ~ 02 February 2014 



Reports are pouring in of SAA and NDF assaults on rodent positions in Al-Zaara.  Wael writes that tanks and Shilkas are charging at J.N. positions with devastating effectiveness.  While this is going on, the rats in Lebanon are trying to penetrate the other entry-point at Al-Qusayr with no success.  The aim seems to be to take pressure off the scavengers holding Al-Zaara.  As the SAA moves forward, over 26 nests of rats and stashes of weapons were discovered around the periphery of the town.  Wael also tells me that the majority of the skunks inside are Saudi-paid foreign mercenaries who are also Jihadists.  This means they are not going to give up alive.  The list of dead so far has exceeded expectations.  Wael says that sources…

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