Minister of Defense, Gen. al-Furayj, completes battle plan for Aleppo ~ Al-Zaara, Homs Province, to Be Freed ~ (Ziad Fadel report)

the real Syrian Free Press

Gen. al-Freij visits army sites in Aleppo

Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. General Fahd Jaassem al-Furayj, inspects Forces before the final push to liberate all Aleppo. 

With the battles to eliminate all terrorist activity in this northern capital moving apace and victory after victory being accomplished, the Syrian Defense Minister has decided to personally inspect the government forces arrayed to finish the task of liquidating the rodent menace from the streets of Aleppo.

It is understood why this personal visit has to take place.  The Syrian High Command is aware of American and NATO surveillance and eavesdropping operations which often results in the rats receiving life-saving warnings from handlers in both Incirlik and Al-Mafraq.

The personal inspection with field commanders means that the full force of Operation Canopus Star is going to be unleashed during the next few days after the 2 mechanize armored divisions from the Syrian Third Army Corps have taken up position in the…

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