Increasing Numbers of Mercenary Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Operations (Syrian Agencies military report)

the real Syrian Free Press


Army units on Wednesday destroyed the so-called ‘Sharia court’ that belongs to the armed terrorist groups near the area of Bab al-Hawa to the borders with Turkey, killing dozens of terrorists in operations against their gatherings and hideouts in several areas.

Terrorists including members of Islamic Front and Jabhet al-Nusra eliminated in Damascus Countryside

Army units eliminated a number of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra in a series of precise operations targeting their hideouts in the farms of al-Sahel and al-Mashrafeh towns, Rima farms, and near Yabroud in Damascus Countryside.

Other units destroyed terrorists hideouts in al-Batra’a quarries east of al-Rihaibe, in Aliya and al-Asha’ari farms in Douma area, and in Khan al-Sheih and its farms, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured, while more units clashed with terrorists in the town of Daraya and killed a number of them.

Members of a terrorist group were left dead or injured…

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