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Syrian Army eliminates mercenaries and terrorist gangs, destroys their vehicles and hideouts in several areas (+Vids)

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Army units eliminated Friday a number of terrorists and destroyed their vehicles and hideouts in several areas


~Terrorists killed in Damascus Countryside ~

A military source told SANA that an army unit eliminated all members of an armed terrorist group near al-Kuwiati building in Rima farms in Yabroud area, Damascus Countryside.

All the terrorist group’s weapons and ammunition were also destroyed.

~ Non-Syrian terrorists killed in Lattakia countryside ~

A military source told SANA that the army units killed and injured scores of terrorists in Salma town and in the villages of al-Zahiyeh, al-Souda, al-Rawda and al-Shahrora in Lattakia countryside, in addition to destroying 4 terrorists’ warehouses full of Israeli Lao missiles and explosive devices.

Among the dead terrorists were Mahmoud al-Sayyed and Radwan al-Sayyed from Iraq, Mahmoud al-Shami from Yemen, Ibn Jandoul al-Hadidi from Morocco, in addition to Mahmoud al-Ezz, Asim Khalid, Mohammad Abden, Samer al-Haj, Ahmad Abdullah and…

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Syrians express staunch support to the Army and national principles ~ (Video & Photo-gallery)

This gallery contains 24 photos.

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Thousands of Syrians went out in massive rallies in various areas and cities on Thursday in manifestation of unswerving adherence to the Syrian national principles and staunch support to the Syrian Arab…

The Castle of Aleppo is facing a great danger ~ Il Castello di Aleppo sta affrontando un grande pericolo ~ (Eng-Ita)

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A citadel that stands by the 3rd century BC , and who was able to stop the Mongol hordes.

Now in front of the hordes Zion- Wahabi – Western , this proud symbol of Aleppo who does not give up , it is really in danger.

The enemies of humanity threaten to blow it up and say they dig in the ground to reach the goal.

A strange analogy between these criminals and the Zionist criminals, who are threatening to demolish the al-Aqsa Mosque and the Mosque of Omar in Jerusalem, digging under the Temple Mount, the Mount Moriah, to rebuild their fake and anachronistic temple.


The citadel , which is in the hands of our brave SAA , it’s just a symbol, but humanity could really lose a treasure that has marked the history of the peoples of the…

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Ahmad al-Jarba visiting his burial site on Syrian-Turkish border (VIDEO)

Syrian Army prepares for an attack from its southern border: big surprises are waiting for the takfiri & yankees intruders

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~ Al-Akhbar translation from the Arabic Edition ~

A tank confiscated by rebel fighters fires at a pro-government position near the Syrian city of Hama, on February 19, 2014. (Photo: AFP- Abu Hadi al-Hamwi)(Photo: AFP- Abu Hadi al-Hamwi)

As news about preparations by opposition fighters for a major offensive from the south of Damascus on the Syrian capital emerge, Al-Akhbar learned that the Syrian army is getting ready to confront any surprise attack after “monitoring, for some time, movements along the Jordanian border.”

As the battle in the city of Yabroud in the Qalamoun region continues, resulting in the death of large numbers of opposition fighters, the Syrian army is preparing for “a possible major offensive by insurgents from south of Damascus against the capital after the failure of the Geneva II negotiations.”

A source in the Syrian army told Al-Akhbar that “the army is ready for any surprise attack,” pointing out that “opposition fighters are amassing in Daraa and if they attack it will be from there.” He added: “There are serious preparations along…

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(Ziad Fadel Military Reports) ~ Syrian Arab Army Crushing American-Controlled Mercenaries in Der’ah, Al-Tadhaamun & Al-Hajar Al-Aswad ~ Idlib Sees End of ‘Shari’ah Court’, a Terrorist Headquarter ~ SAA Smashed Armed Gangs in Aleppo, 81 Mercenaries Confirmed Dead in Al-Zaara

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Syria army makes more advances against militants in Aleppo



Kuwayris Airbase: Fighting near Rasm Al-’Abbood. No details.

Conserva Factory:  SAA killed these in a firefight:

Subhi Al-Mudallal
Muhammad Shataara  (In truth, he was really stupid)
Ahmad Ma’zoom
Muhannad Abu-’Antar
Noori Suwayd
Mundhir Al-Hasheesh
Salaahuddeen Al-Hasheesh
Another 4 could not be identified. 5 surrendered.


Our deepest congratulations to the al-Hasheesh family for its deep commitment to personal extinction. don’t forget, a family that snorts hashish together stays together………… hell.


HOMS:  This just in from Wael, the SAA has surrounded a large pack of rats trying to escape…

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Increasing Numbers of Mercenary Terrorists Killed in Syrian Army Operations (Syrian Agencies military report)

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Army units on Wednesday destroyed the so-called ‘Sharia court’ that belongs to the armed terrorist groups near the area of Bab al-Hawa to the borders with Turkey, killing dozens of terrorists in operations against their gatherings and hideouts in several areas.

Terrorists including members of Islamic Front and Jabhet al-Nusra eliminated in Damascus Countryside

Army units eliminated a number of terrorists from Jabhet al-Nusra in a series of precise operations targeting their hideouts in the farms of al-Sahel and al-Mashrafeh towns, Rima farms, and near Yabroud in Damascus Countryside.

Other units destroyed terrorists hideouts in al-Batra’a quarries east of al-Rihaibe, in Aliya and al-Asha’ari farms in Douma area, and in Khan al-Sheih and its farms, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured, while more units clashed with terrorists in the town of Daraya and killed a number of them.

Members of a terrorist group were left dead or injured…

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Syrian Arab Army eliminates scores of terrorists, regains control over several areas ~ (Syrian Agencies military report)

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Syria army foils bombing, kills terrorists in Homs

A military source said that army units regained full control over Sheikh Najjar village and Talet al-Ghali and destroyed a number of the terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in Aleppo and its countryside.

The source added that the army restored security and stability to Sheikh Najjar village and Talet al-Ghali after eliminating the terrorists’ last gatherings and hideouts .

A number of terrorists were killed and wounded in the area surrounding Aleppo central prison, and the villages of Kwairis, Rasem al-Abboud, Kafr Saghir and the industrial city.

Army units eliminated all members of armed terrorist groups in al-Marjeh and Qadi Askar neighborhoods and destroyed their weapons and ammunition.

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group which tried to attack the citizens surrounding al-Khasrafiyeh Mosque in the old city of Aleppo, killing all its members.

Terrorist attack claims the lives of two citizens, injures five others

Terrorist mortar attack claimed…

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Syrian Arab Army Liberates Al-Shaykh Najjaar and Tallat Al-Ghaali, Liberates Ma’aan, Crushes Terrorist in Al-Hasaka ~ (a Ziad Fadel military report)

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Syrian Army troops from the 4th Mechanized Armored Division assess their victory over the rats at Al-Shaykh Najjaar. ALEPPO:

Al-Shaykh Najjaar:  The last nest of rodent filth was rendered dust by the SAA yesterday as all the vermin left in a hurry toward their Masada in ‘Anadaan.  The sweep was completed on Sunday in this important northern town clearing the way for businesses to reopen in the Industrial Zone.  Note the proximity of this area to the Central Prison to the west.  Also liberated was Tallat Al-Ghaali

Central Prison: SAA hunted down and killed 6 Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya terrorists in Jubayla next door to the west yesterday reintroducing a strategy of aggressive pursuit to keep the rodents off balance.  I have no names because most of the JI rats are foreigners and they most often do not carry identification.

Kuwayris Village:  SAA engaged a rat pack who were…

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Good Morning Mr. President!!! ~ Buon Giorno Signor Presidente!!!

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MondayFebruary 3, 2014:
Photos of PresidentBashar al-Assadon arrival athis work/placeofbattle,this morning.
Goodday of workMr. President.

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US plane loaded with weapons for mercenaries fighting in Syria landed in al-Mafraq, Jordan ~ (Eng/Ita)

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USA plane loaded with weapons for mercenaries fighting in Syria landed in al-Mafraq, Jordan

Jordanian news and press sources revealed that a US airplane, loaded with various weapons, landed in al-Mafraq airport, in Jordan, to deliver the weapons to the armed terrorist groups fighting in Syria.

Al-Wahda news network quoted Jordanian sources, as saying that a US aircraft, loaded also with new heavy weapons, arrived in al-Mafraq airport to hand over these weapons to the armed terrorist groups in Syria, referring to a new batch of 1500 gunmen, residents in the al-Zaatari camp, who were trained for fighting & using weapons to join nearly 50000 others mercenaries already existing in Syria.

US Security officials have unveiled that the US congress had secretly endorsed a bill to fund weapon shipments to the armed mercenaries & terrorist groups of different nationalities arrived in Syria through Jordan.


Aereo statunitensecarico di armi…

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Intense Fighting in Al-Zaara, Dozens Mercenary-Terrorists Killed by Syrian Army ~ (Ziad Fadel report)

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Al-Zaara Fighting Intense as SAA Attacks with Tanks


Ziad Fadel report ~ SyrianPerspective ~ 02 February 2014 



Reports are pouring in of SAA and NDF assaults on rodent positions in Al-Zaara.  Wael writes that tanks and Shilkas are charging at J.N. positions with devastating effectiveness.  While this is going on, the rats in Lebanon are trying to penetrate the other entry-point at Al-Qusayr with no success.  The aim seems to be to take pressure off the scavengers holding Al-Zaara.  As the SAA moves forward, over 26 nests of rats and stashes of weapons were discovered around the periphery of the town.  Wael also tells me that the majority of the skunks inside are Saudi-paid foreign mercenaries who are also Jihadists.  This means they are not going to give up alive.  The list of dead so far has exceeded expectations.  Wael says that sources…

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Syrian Army Kills non-Syrian Terrorists, Foiled Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon ~ (Eng-Ita)

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Syrian Army Kills non-Syrian Terrorists, Foils Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon

The Syrian Army in cooperation with border guard personnel on Sunday foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon into Tal al-Na’imat in Qusseir southern countryside, killing 6 terrorists, among them the Lebanese terrorist Mohammad Abdel-Razaq al-Daher, SANA reported.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in the village of al-Zara in Homs countryside, killing scores of terrorists, among them Saudi terrorists Mohammad al-Mashhadani and Alaa al-Mashhadani, Lebanese terrorists Ali Jarbou, Duraid Safwan and Waled al-Owishat, and Jordanian terrorist Khalifa Hamdan al-Naser.

SFP from Al Manar – 2/2/2014


L’Esercito Arabo Siriano Elimina Terroristi non-Siriani e Sventa Infiltrazione di Umini Armati dal Libano.

L’esercito siriano, in collaborazione con il personale della guardia di frontiera, questa domenica ha sventato il tentativo di mercenari-terroristi stranieri di infiltrarsi dal Libano in Tal al-Na’imat, campagna meridionale di al-Qusseir, uccidendo 6 terroristi, tra i quali il terrorista libanese Mohammad…

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Criminal armed gangs eliminated, their weapons destroyed in several areas ~ 7 citizens killed by terrorists in Talkalakh countryside, 9 injured in Damascus

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Syrian Arab Army operations: Criminal armed gangs eliminated, their weapons destroyed in several areas

Army units on Saturday carried out several successful operations against the armed terrorist groups in several areas, killing and wounding scores of terrorists and destroying their weapons and ammunition.

Units of the armed forces regained complete control over the area surrounding al-Tim oil well, eliminating terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings in the groves of al-Mari’aeh village in Deir Ezzor countryside.

A source told SANA that units of the armed forces clashed with terrorists in the surrounding al-Tim oil well, asserting that the clashes resulted in regaining complete control over the well after eliminating the terrorists’ last hideouts and gatherings, and destroying their weapons, vehicles and ammunition.

The source added that an army unit destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and two cars equipped with a mortar and an anti-aircraft machineguns in the groves of al- Mari’ayeh village, killing scores of…

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Minister of Defense, Gen. al-Furayj, completes battle plan for Aleppo ~ Al-Zaara, Homs Province, to Be Freed ~ (Ziad Fadel report)

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Gen. al-Freij visits army sites in Aleppo

Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. General Fahd Jaassem al-Furayj, inspects Forces before the final push to liberate all Aleppo. 

With the battles to eliminate all terrorist activity in this northern capital moving apace and victory after victory being accomplished, the Syrian Defense Minister has decided to personally inspect the government forces arrayed to finish the task of liquidating the rodent menace from the streets of Aleppo.

It is understood why this personal visit has to take place.  The Syrian High Command is aware of American and NATO surveillance and eavesdropping operations which often results in the rats receiving life-saving warnings from handlers in both Incirlik and Al-Mafraq.

The personal inspection with field commanders means that the full force of Operation Canopus Star is going to be unleashed during the next few days after the 2 mechanize armored divisions from the Syrian Third Army Corps have taken up position in the…

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Syrian Army units carried out large-scale military operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings

This gallery contains 1 photos.

Syrian Army units on Thursday carried out large-scale military operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings, where many armed terrorist groups were eliminated and their weapons were destroyed in several areas nationwide. More terrorists killed in Damascus Countryside Army units killed … Continue reading

Syrian Army repels terrorists’ attacks

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Syrian Army repels terrorists’ attacks, kills many of them in continued operations

Provinces, (SANA) – Army units on Wednesday carried out accurate operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings, where many armed terrorist groups were eliminated and their weapons were destroyed in several areas nationwide.

Terrorist attack claims the life of one citizen, injures 8 others in Idleb

A military source told SANA that terrorist attack claimed the life of a woman and injured 8 others in Idleb province.

The source said that terrorists fired 3 mortar shells landed in a public park near al-Rawda Mosque, near  the Second Faculty of Law and Hanano Square in Idleb city, causing material adamage in the site.

Army units kill terrorists, destroy their weapons in Damascus Countryside

Units of the armed forces carried out operations against terrorists’ dens and gatherings in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring scores of them, in addition to destroying their…

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